14 Year Old Amazes The Judges When He Sings ‘Great Balls Of Fire’

If there’s one thing that all of us have appreciated about the talent shows on television, it’s the fact that they bring together some rather amazing people. Some of those individuals are adults, and they may have been developing their talent for years. Others, however, are still children but they are not to be discounted because of their age.

This 14-year-old boy stepped on to the stage in a television talent show in Germany. Although he was a youngster, he brought something to the table that the judges never thought would happen. In fact, his performance was able to bring the house down in a very unique way. You see, he performed a Jerry Lee Lewis song, Great Balls of Fire, and it was absolutely incredible.

This performance surprise the audience and you could tell that they were really getting into it but they were not the only ones. The judges also were quite impressed with this talented young lad and they were not only interested in listening to music, they got up and danced with it as well.