12-Year-Old Girl Sings With Opera Star But Her Voice Stuns Him

We have seen our fair share of talented individuals in recent years. Admittedly, there has always been talent available but there was not the avenue of displaying it that there is today. Now, we are seeing this talent being displayed on the Internet and on television talent shows that have quite a following. It gives people the opportunity to have their 10 minutes of fame.


From time to time, however, somebody steps forward it really takes things to the next level. That is the case with Amira Willighagen, a Dutch opera singer. She got a winning spot in Holland’s Got Talent, but one of the most incredible things is that she was only nine years old when she did so! After that, she continued to grow in her abilities.

In this video, she is 12 years old and performing a concert in South Africa. She is doing a fantastic rendition of O Sole Mio as a duet with Patrizio Franco Buanne, a famous opera singer. Her voice is so beautiful that he is overtaken by it.