The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Father Singing “You Are So Beautiful To Me” To His Baby Girl

There are certain moments that we may experience in our life that really define us as an individual. Although many of those moments may occur when we are younger, some of them also take place in our older years. For example, when we bring a baby into the world, it is the beginning of a lifelong relationship and one that often has some very tender moments.


Sometimes, singing to a baby is not only good therapy for them, it also helps the parent as well. Obviously, the father in this video is having one of those moments when he is singing “You Are so Beautiful” to his young daughter. Perhaps it was the only song that came to mind but regardless, the way the little girl reacts is melting hearts all across the Internet.

From this point forward, the father and daughter will go through many moments of their life, some precious and others tense. One thing that they will always have, however, is this video to look back on when times get tough and to smile over the beginnings of their relationship.