K.D. Lang Sings A Soul Stirring Rendition Of Hallelujah In Remembrance Of Leonard Cohen

Throughout the years, we may have a number of different songs that really touches on a deep level. Some of them may speak to us because of the circumstances that we are going through at the time and others may be more universal in their appeal. One song that tends to touch people in a way that moves them is Hallelujah.


Leonard Cohen, who wrote the song, passed away at the age of 82 in November. When he originally released the song, it was not very popular but after it was remade, it achieved a level of popularity that very few songs are able to obtain. Not only has it been performed by many artists since it was written, it has also been featured on television shows, films and was even performed at the Olympics.

K.D. Lang has also performed the song, and she really does it justice. She does it in order to remember Leonard Cohen and the music that he brought to our lives. I’m sure that you will agree that it is a soul stirring piece and it is obvious that it comes from her heart.