Bruno Mars Joins James Corden For A Ride Around The City In Carpool Karaoke

We may stay up at night for different reasons. Some of us have a difficulty sleeping, others may just not want to give up on the day, knowing what happens when they get up in the morning. There is another reason to stay up late, however, and that is for the late night chat shows. Not only do they give us a unique look into the lives of celebrities, they often have a skit or two included that makes us smile.


When it comes to late night chat shows, James Corden really brings a lot to the table. We might enjoy watching him do his interviews but it’s carpool karaoke that has really captivated our attention. In this clip, he is driving around with Bruno Mars, singing his best songs together and asking some good questions. They even try on some funny hats together.

Peter Gene Hernandez, who is better known as Bruno Mars is a singer and songwriter that has really sky rocketed to fame in recent years. You will love watching him singing with James Corden but even more, you will love the candid interview they have while driving around the city.