Twins Meet For The First Time After Being Separated At Birth

There is nothing quite as special as seeing a reunion. We certainly have seen our fair share of them in recent years. That is especially true of military personnel who were reunited with their family and friends but we have also seen quite a few videos recently about dogs being reunited with their families as well. They may be awesome to see but the pale in comparison to this reunion video.

The two girls in this video are 10 years old but they haven’t seen each other since they were little babies in China. They were separated at birth and, thanks to a picture and some helpful research, they were able to get back together again. The families of both girls found out about the discovery, and the one was tracked down on Facebook. After a call on Skype, they made plans for the twin girls go get back together again.

I have to admit, it is difficult to see a reunion and not to shed a tear over it. That is nothing, however, compared to the emotion that is pulled out by this video. Make sure you have the tissues ready.