This Will Finally Convince People To Stop Texting And Driving

The electronic age has certainly brought about a lot of conveniences, one of which is our ability to communicate with others. We have always been able to communicate face-to-face or perhaps over the telephone in the past hundred years or so, but now we are doing it with our smartphones and we do it quickly in 140 words or less.


There is a problem that goes along with it, however, and thats the fact that many people use their smart phones to text message while they are driving. It is not only something that is dangerous, it is costing many lives. In fact, thousands of people have died as a result of texting and driving but it still continues to be a problem. One group of high school students has decided that enough is enough.

This is a public service announcement that is going to change your mind about texting and driving. We all know that it is dangerous, but when you see what is in this video, it is going to convince you never to do it again. You will also want to share with others, it may to save their life.