Cops Pose As Construction Workers To Catch Drivers Texting Behind The Wheel

We hear allot about people who are texting and driving and sometimes, it can have some disastrous consequences. In fact, it may be that texting while driving causes more accidents than almost any other moving violation, perhaps even rivaling drinking and driving. That is why police officers are getting more and more involved in catching people distracted while driving.


We have seen them undercover in a number of ways, including as homeless people. In this clip, however, they are getting up close and personal with the drivers by posing as construction workers. They aren’t radioing in survey information, however, they are calling ahead to let the other police know who is texting and to go ahead and pull them over.

There is no doubt that people need to wake up and realise how much of a problem this can be. What took these people by surprise, however, is that they were given a ticket for using their phone while stopped at a light. It seems that is a problem as well.