The Bus Won’t Pick Up This Lad For School So A Stranger Offers To Give Him A Ride

You never know who’s life you are going to touch and when it’s the kindness of a stranger, it certainly can go a long way. In this particular case, a woman had to walk 2 miles with her son to school and then 2 miles back home every day. This is due to the fact that the bus system will not pick up the children if they lived within 4 miles of the school building. Since they live 2 miles from the school, they had to walk since she could not afford a car.


The young lad admitted that he was tired when he got to school. When you consider the fact that the mother has to walk back and forth twice, the walk takes four hours out of her day, every single day! While they were walking along on this particular day, however, a stranger pulled up next to them and stopped the family. They had seen her on the news, and now they wanted to do their part to help out.

As it turns out, one of her three children goes to school with this young lad, so they came up with a routine where she would pick him up at home and drop him off again in the afternoon. Considering the fact that the school and administration was unable to help, this is truly something from the heart.