Teenage Boy Is Rejected Before The Big Dance But His Mum Loses It When A Stranger Shows Up

From the time Daniel was a young boy, he had always dreamed about going to the homecoming dance at school. Now that he was 17 and had the opportunity to go, he was turned down by every girl that he asked. In part, this is due to the fact that Daniel has Down syndrome and he was being rejected as a result of that disorder. As you are about to see, however, not everybody holds those same values.


Kylie is a 10th grade student and she tends to look at life a little bit differently than others. She doesn’t think of those who have disabilities as if they had a disability, she doesn’t even think of them as being different. In her words, she only hopes that she could make the night fun. What she does in the process is absolutely shock Daniel’s mother, as her kind gesture really goes above and beyond what anybody else had shown.

Not only does this get the attention of Daniel and his mother, it also got the attention of the local news as well. They were impressed by her generosity and her show of kindness to this young lad. That is why they also got a night full of surprises that were quite nice.