Teen Hears Mum Clearly For The First Time After Cochlear Implant And Cries Joyful Tears

Most of us don’t give our senses much thought until something goes wrong with them. That is true of all of our senses, including our sense of hearing. We use it to interact with the world around us and it allows us to do anything, from listening to music to keeping us from walking into the path of an oncoming car. For some people, however, they have a constant struggle with their hearing.


That is the case for Breanna, who has used hearing aids for her whole life and has experienced further hearing loss over time. Eventually, it got to the point where she could not hear speech properly, even with the use of hearing aids so she was given cochlear implants. They help a person to hear and when you see her reaction to hearing this way for the first time, it will touch your heart.

Technology has certainly touched out lives in many ways and it seems as if we couldn’t live without it in many cases. It goes beyond our tablets and smart phones now, it is touching lives on a very deep level and this video is evidence of it.