She Was Told That Her Car Was Going To Be Towed But She Gets The Last Laugh

One of the more frustrating situations we might have to face is when our car gets towed. Perhaps we only parked it in the wrong spot for a moment, or maybe we thought we could get away with it but when we came back, our car is gone and we are out a lot of money. It is even worse when the tow truck is still there.


For the woman in this video, the fact that her car was already hooked up to the tow truck was just to much for her to take. She is from Shanghai China and she decided that she was going to take matters into her own hand. When she came back and found that she was about to be towed, she didn’t try to talk her way out of it and she didn’t offer a bribe, she just took action.

Although they did exchange a few words, it isn’t long before she jumps in the car and hits the gas. The result is that she is going down the road with the tow truck behind her and he is chasing on foot.