She Is Dressed As Cinderella Before The Ball But When She Spins Her Costume Transforms Magically

We don’t have very long until Halloween is upon us and for many of us, that means coming up with a costume. If you have yet to decide what you want to be this Halloween, you really need to be thinking about it carefully. After all, the costume is really what defines the holiday in many ways, and you certainly want to look your best when you get invited to a party.


The costume that this woman is wearing is Cinderella, but it is not like any Cinderella costume that you have seen before. At first, it looks as if she is the Cinderella “before the ball” as she is wearing her work clothes but a tug here and there and a quick spin and before you know it, she is the beautiful Cinderella, all ready for the ball. It is as if she has her own, personal fairy godmother!

This costume may take a while to design but if you take the time to do it, you are definitely going to turn some heads. Why not try it this year? It may just become your style from here on out.