Shannon Doherty Talks About Her Struggle With Cancer And It Touches The Heart Of The TV Host

When we go through things in our life, even though they may be quite difficult, it is often a private, family ordeal. That isn’t the case with someone who is famous, such as actress Shannon Doherty. As many people know, she has struggled with breast cancer and she has been quite open on the subject. It has touched people’s hearts around the world, including the heart of a television interviewer.


Shannon Doherty is best known for playing Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and is receiving chemotherapy treatments. She has also undergone a mastectomy. When she sat down with Chelsea Handler for an interview, she spoke quite openly about what the illness has done to her and how it has affected her life and her marriage.

It is difficult to watch such an emotional interview, and Chelsea Handler is known for being a rather tough individual. When she heard Doherty pouring her heart out, however, she had quite a difficulty fighting back the tears and eventually, was unable to do so. It is something that will certainly touch your heart as well.