Man Knocks Down Bricks With Dominoes But Has A Surprise At The End

Something that many of us did when we were children is to set up dominoes and knock them down in a row. We may have even got a little bit fancy with it, going around turns or perhaps even down a flight of stairs. More than likely, however, we never did anything like what this man did on a construction site in Australia. It is absolutely brilliant.


He set up bricks on top of a concrete wall and started at one end by knocking the first one down. The camera followed as it went the entire way down the row, a long stretch and each of the bricks fell down in order. Although this was interesting to watch, it is actually what happened after all of them had fallen that was the real surprise and why this video is so fascinating.

Rather than just falling down and that being the end of it, they actually came back down the line and each of the bricks fell in place. I can’t imagine how much time it took to set the bricks up so precisely that it worked this well but I hope the boss doesn’t see this video.