Man Fired From His Job After Missing Work To Watch the Birth Of His Child

When we start a new job, it is understood that we are going to have a period of probation and we would want to do our best during that time. Sometimes, however, life does tend to throw us a curve and for the young man in this video, it came in the form of the birth of his child.


Although he let his supervisor know that he needed to miss his shift in order to be present for the birth of the child, it obviously fell on deaf ears. His job as a security guard at college campuses and stores was perhaps on shakier ground than he realised. The baby was born but during the labor, at 1 AM, he received a text message that simply read “as of now, you are terminated.” What a horrible way to welcome the birth of a child.

Sometimes it is necessary to choose between your career and the needs of your family. There are plenty of times where they also overlap. This young man obviously cared for his family and wanted to be there during the special time. We only hope that he is able to recover and find work to support them.