Depressed Military Man Is Given A Surprise Puppy and Loses It

Many people who serve in the military end up with a number of problems. That is especially true if they see any active combat and then they come home with severe depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder. Even the side effects of posttraumatic stress disorder can include additional depression along with insomnia, flashbacks and anxiety attacks. It is a difficult problem that one military man found himself facing.


He was only 26 years old but this veteran was having difficulty reconnecting when he came home from combat. His mother, Dena, had a difficulty watching her son struggle with depression and she knew a dog would provide some of the solution of what he needed. That is when she purchased a beagle puppy for her son, because she knew it would provide the service that he needed.

The family gathered a few weeks before Christmas and the military man was given a wrapped box with a big red bow. He looked at the box almost as if he knew what was waiting for him when he opened it but when he actually looked inside of the box, he saw the eyes of the puppy staring back at him and he broke down.

Note: The puppy was in a ventilated box for a very short amount of time. He was never in any danger.