College Students Pay $20 For An Old Couch And Discover A Fortune Hidden Inside

When you are struggling to make ends meet while you are in college, there are choices you will likely make that you may not make otherwise. For three college students who were doing the same in 2014, that decision came in the form of a $20 used couch they purchased from the Salvation Army. Although the couch was ugly and a little smelly, it was the only one that would fit into their available space.


Two months had passed and the 3 roommates were watching a film together when they felt something unusual in the cushions. They began investigating and from under the arm of the sofa, they pulled out an envelope with $700 in $20 bills! They continued to find additional envelopes until they found a total of $40,000 that was hidden inside of the couch.

They began dreaming of how they could spend the money but then they found a clue that led them to the rightful owner. In the end, they did the right thing and they were given the thousand dollars as a gift and a way to say thank you to the students who turned in this small fortune.