Mum Posts Rejection Letter From Company About Her Special Needs Baby And It Goes Viral

Advertisements have been a part of our lives ever since we were young and they have been a part of society for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Today, adverts are not only there to introduce us to various companies or items and perhaps even make us want to purchase something, they are there to make a difference as well. In fact, many companies are now bringing together individuals from almost every corner of the earth as a part of their marketing strategy.


That is why this mother decided that her baby would be a perfect choice for the Oshkosh brand. Her baby has special needs, as he was born with Down syndrome but at 15 months old, he is absolutely adorable. His smile is contagious and you could easily see how he would make any company stand out among the crowds. Unfortunately, the mother received a rejection letter.

The rejection letter did not simply say “no thank you”, it actually said that the company had not requested a special needs baby. The mother decided to post the information online and when she did, it went viral. She is hopeful that somebody from the parent company will take another look.