A Baby Discovers Her Echo And It Is The Cutest Thing Ever

When we have a young baby in the house, it is always a treat. One of the reasons why adults enjoy having them around is because everything is just so new and exciting to them. It seems as if they are doing something new every day and sometimes, it is difficult to keep up with it.


That is what you are about to see in this video. This baby is in her stroller and she is about to discover the most amazing thing, her echo. As she yells out and hears her voice echo back to her it strikes her so funny that she can’t stop laughing. In fact, she continues to do it and the only reason she doesn’t do it right away is because of her infectious laugh.

This is one of those videos that is sure to make your day. You can’t help but smile when you see it because it is the cutest thing you will see all day. As she gets older, her echo will be less interesting but she will always have this amazing video of how it affected her when she first discovered it.