A Woman Screams Outside Of A Walmart But A Cowboy Rides Up To Lasso The Thief

You never quite know what you’re going to see at Walmart and, at times, the people on the inside can be a bit unusual. As it turns out, there are also things that can take place on the outside of a Walmart that may be a bit out of the ordinary as well. That is what happened when a man decided to steal a bicycle but there are just so happened to be a cowboy nearby who took immediate action and it was caught on security cameras.


When the woman began screaming that someone stole her bike, the cowboy didn’t hesitate. He had rode his horse to Walmart to pick up some dog food and he turned his attention on the thief. After chasing him down on his horse, he took a couple of swings with his lasso and roped the bandit.

This isn’t something that you see every day and, in true cowboy fashion, he was rather modest over the entire ordeal. In fact, the police say that the only thing he asked when it was all over was if he could have his rope back.