You’ve Never Heard ‘The Sound Of Silence’ Quite Like This

Music has some rather incredible abilities and when we listen to it, it is able to move us in many different ways. At times, we may be down in the dumps and we listen to the right song and before you know it, we are smiling and singing along. Music also has the ability to make us reflect on life and to change our mood in any way that it sees fit.


Some songs seem to have that special ability and one of those is the Sound of Silence. Originally done by Simon and Garfunkel, it is a song that has haunted our memories for many years and one that is quite beautiful, each and every time we listen to it. When you hear this cover by Peter Hollins along with Tim Foust from Home Free, you are going to realise that you are hearing musical perfection.

In this a cappella version of Sound of Silence, you are going to understand what it is like to be covered with goose bumps. It starts out with a chilling melody and before you know it, it is in full-blown musical perfection.