David Döring Plays A Haunting Version Of ‘Amazing Grace’ On The Panflute

There are certain songs that are just guaranteed to give us goosebumps when we hear them playing. Perhaps it is because the melody is so beautiful or it might be the words. In some cases, there may be a nostalgic feel to the song. Those factors come together quite nicely in the song, Amazing Grace. It is a favourite of many people.


That song is sometimes sung and at other times, it may be the melody we hear. In either case, it has the ability to take us to a place that is good for us. That was the case when David Döring played the song on the beautiful panflute. When you hear it playing for yourself, you will have to agree that there is nothing quite as beautiful.

The song, Amazing Grace, is perhaps one of the most popular religious hums. It was written by a man named John Newton and he wrote the song about his personal experiences in life. Perhaps that is what gives it an appeal that many people relate to.