This Song Is The Most Relaxing Piece Of Music Ever Performed

Music has a way of making us feel exactly like the song we are hearing. Sometimes, it can pick us up out of a dark mood and put a smile on our face. At other times, it might just make us reflect on something in our lives that causes us to be sad. In either case, the music moves us and it is something special to us.


From time to time, we might hear a song that just resonates with us and makes us quite relaxed. It might be the lyrics or perhaps the tune itself but in either case, it is very powerful. When you hear this song, “The Flight of the Condor,” you will certainly recognise it for what it is, one of the most relaxing songs ever written.

Although this song was written in 1913, you are actually listening to a performance from 2004. It is a traditional folk melody and the artist is playing it on the pan flute. The relaxing sound of that instrument, along with the fact that it is showing some breathtaking scenery, is sure to put you in the best place you can be.