It Looks Like A Regular Barrier But Wait Until You See It In Action

When we are traveling along the motorway, there is something there with us that we may never give much thought to. I’m talking about the road barriers that line the motorway and many smaller roads across the country. Sometimes, they are also called guard rails, but regardless of what you call them, they are there to save lives.


Even if we don’t give the guard rail the attention it deserves, we would probably agree it is a simple item and if we need it, we are happy it is there. Now, there seems to be an upgrade to this simple item and once it is implemented; it is likely to save millions of live. After all, a simple guard rail can fail easily but this new barrier is amazing.

The barrier uses plastic rollers, located between metal columns. They not only reduce the force of the impact, they keep the vehicle from flipping over. We hope that we start seeing these soon as they are really going to have an impact.