Young Lad Sneaks Time On His Mum’s Sewing Machine And His Creations Have The Internet Buzzing

There are many children who enjoy having a hobby and some of them are quite good at it. When they find something they enjoy doing, it seems to consume them and they just can’t seem to get enough of it. For many children, the hobby of choice is electronics but for Campbell, it is something quite different.


Campbell spends all of his time behind a piece of electronic equipment but it isn’t a mobile phone or computer, it is a sewing machine. In fact, he spends all of his spare time at the sewing machine creating something special for others. It started when Christmas was getting close and he wanted to give something to sick children at the hospital. The money his mother had was earmarked for him and his 8 siblings, so he came up with a brilliant idea of his own.

He started making teddy bears but now he has branched out into many other types of stuffed toys. He has created hundreds of them and they are amazingly good. It’s amazing what someone can do when they put their mind to it.