She Was Abandoned As A Baby But Now She Is Amazing People By Playing The Piano With No Arms

Many of us often wonder exactly what we are capable of doing if we really put our mind to it. Perhaps we have some type of the talent and we would like to explore the abilities and see how far we can take it. You might be surprised with how far you can go but when you see something inspirational, it can move you to action.


Lorelai Mosnegutu did not have an easy life as a young child. She was abandoned by her mother at birth and was born without arms. Thankfully, a loving family adopted her and gave her the home that she needed. They also gave her something else, the ability to follow her dreams and that is exactly what she has done. Today, she is doing something that is not only shocking, it is inspiring.

As she sits on the piano for this popular Romanian talent show, many people might have been wondering exactly what she was going to do. As it turns out, not only is she a very talented piano player, she has a wonderful voice as well.