A Young Man Hops The Fence And Runs Straight For The Cheerleader

We often think of our youth as being the easy time of our life but if you really stop to think back on those days, there was some stress that typically went along with them as well. Each teenager deals with their own type of stress but for some teenagers, it is the stress of not having their father around. Many fathers spend time overseas serving in the military, and it can be quite difficult on the family.


Addie Rodriguez is a nine-year-old girl who misses her father when he is away overseas. She was doing her part as a cheerleader, however, but was quite upset that her father was not able to be there. After all, the team cheer used the fathers of the cheerleaders but he wouldn’t be around to lift his daughter up as the other fathers did. That is when somebody stepped up to the plate and did something absolutely amazing.

While the cheerleaders were out on the field, a young teenager jumped over the gate to the stadium and went running onto the field, straight at the cheerleaders. People didn’t have any idea what he was doing but when he stopped and lifted Addie into the air, it was quite a touching moment.