Woman Falls 9 Meters From A Bridge With Her Baby But Her Reaction Stuns Everyone

All of us have a different idea when it comes to superheroes. Some of us may think of the stereotypical person in a cape while others may think of first responders, such as firemen and policemen. The fact the matter is, however, superheroes exist in the world around us and sometimes they may come from the most unexpected places.


When Jennifer Duncan woke up one morning, she had no idea that she was going to be put in a position where a very difficult decision needed to be made. She had gotten into a fender bender on the bridge but as she was walking around with her baby, another accident pushed her off the edge. She then did what any mother should do, she cradled her baby, protecting him for the 30 foot fall.

Both Jennifer and her baby survived, although she had some serious injuries. She had broken several vertebrae and ended up losing a leg but her heroic efforts to protect her child paid off, because he walked away with only scratches.