Pilot Decides To Give Free Flights And Is Being Covered On The National News

When we give away something for free, it is often going to attract some attention. It doesn’t matter if it is something relatively worthless in our local area or if we are giving away everything, it seems that people are naturally interested. Sometimes, it may even attract some major attention, and that was the case with this man.


His name is Joe DeMarco and since 2009, he has given away about 1,500 flights. This wasn’t just something he was doing for pleasure, he was doing it to help save a life and he might just be responsible for saving hundreds of individuals. When someone needs medical attention for a life-threatening problem, he is there for them to transport them to where they need to go. The best part is that he does it all for free.

Some of those who have found value in what he has to offer include some who were unable to fly on a commercial flight because of their condition. When seconds count, however, he is there with his non profit service, Wings Flights of Hope and he is there to help.