Mum Lets Her Niece Babysit But Then She Gets A Picture Of Her Daughter In Her Pants

If there is one thing that most mothers will do when they have children; it’s improvise. It seems as if it is a necessary skill for them to have in their life, because they are often trying to juggle the baby and about 15 other things at any given time. Sometimes, however, it is not only the mother that improvises but it is also those who are put in charge of the baby.


This young mother found out firsthand just how much someone else can improvise when she left her 15-year-old niece babysit her two-month-old daughter. While she was out running some errands, she received a text message and it was so hilarious, she decided to share it with others.

As it turns out, her niece was devoted to watching the baby but she also had some other things to do in the kitchen. Rather than putting the baby down, she simply tucked her inside of her sweatpants and kept going. I would say this is ingenuity at its best.