His Daughter Wants To Know If He Has Alzheimer’s And His Response Makes The Internet Smile

When we get older, we tend to lose a number of different things and included among them is our memory. Of course, it starts out with something rather simplistic, such as forgetting our car keys or not remembering why you walked into the room. At some time or another, however, some elderly individuals have to deal with Alzheimer’s, and then is no longer a funny situation.


Alzheimer’s and the related dementia can be quite devastating for the patient and for family members. When you’re going through this type of the situation, you often recognise that things look rather grim. From time to time, however, something amusing may happen and it really gives you something to hold onto. That was what happened to this woman when she asked her father if he has Alzheimer’s.

The father answered, and it left her smiling the biggest smile. It was a heartwarming response and one that all of us can appreciate. In fact, the Internet is smiling over this one and it helps to give all of us hope for what we may have to go through.