Chat Show Host Reads Through The #WhyImSingle Hashtags And Suddenly You Don’t Feel Alone

There are many people who are single and they tend to fall into one of two different categories. Some of those individuals are single by choice and others are single by circumstance. In either case, however, there is likely to be a rather amusing story as to why you fall into one of those categories. Many people have now decided to share the stories using the #WhyImSingle hashtag.


A popular late-night chat show host decided that he would go through some of those hashtags to see which ones were the funniest stories. As he shared them with the audience, the laughter just kept coming. In fact, it is hard not to laugh out loud when you hear about some of the stories.

In some cases, you will wonder what they were thinking but in other cases, you might be able to relate to it in some way or another. That is the beauty of sharing things such as this, because we all get to find the humour in it.