A Woman Shows How To Properly Handle The “BBC Dad” Situation Like A Mum

There are certain videos that are destined to be viral from the moment they are uploaded. It doesn’t matter if they are funny, shocking or sad, they tend to capture the minds of those who watch them and are passed from one person to another. Before you know it, they have received millions of views and it just keeps growing.


Robert Kelly was in one of those videos and it is one you are likely familiar with. He was giving a BBC interview when his children decided to come into the room and it is one of the funniest videos we’ve seen in a very long time. That video was funny but this parody video of a mother being interrupted during a BBC interview is brilliant in its own right.

It stars Kate Wordsworth and she is answering some questions about South Korea when her child walks in. Rather than pushing the child back and waiting for the mother to come in to save the day, she decides to take care of her daughter while at the same time, giving the interview and handling multiple other things around the home.