A Man Calls In Sick But There Is Only One Problem, He Doesn’t Work There

When we work for an outside company, there may be a number of issues that we must face on a regular basis. Some of those issues are going to involve what might take place in the office but others may even involve what takes place when we are at home. In fact, it is what happens when we were at home that often makes for the most uncomfortable situations.


When we call into work sick, we know that there is going to be a lot that goes on in the background. What would happen, however, if you were to call into a department and tell them that you are sick, but the problem is, you did work there? That was the subject of this video, and this man is having a blast calling in sick someplace where he doesn’t work.

Perhaps the funniest part about this video is that he is actually getting away with it. It is when he has the boss on the hook that he starts to have a lot of fun with it and he is lucky he doesn’t get fired from his imaginary job on the spot.