A Judge Reads The Parking Ticket And A Woman Starts Laughing In Court

Although we all love having the freedom to drive, there is something frustrating that could happen and takes away all of the fun. I’m talking about getting a ticket, and even if it is a minor offense, it can be a real pain. Not only does the money come right out of our pocket, we often feel as if we are given a ticket without doing something that warranted it in the first place.


Sometimes, when you receive a ticket, you can take it to court and try to get it dismissed. That is what this woman did and when the judge read the violation out loud, he actually had to stop himself because it was so absurd. The woman had parked in a parking space 2 minutes prior to the time it was illegal to do so. Her ticket was issued less than a minute before the clock struck 10, when she would’ve been able to park the car.

The judge had a lot of fun with the situation and both of them had a good laugh. In the end, she got off the hook and the ticket was thrown away.