A Hilarious T-Rex Attempts To Shovel Snow Unsuccessfully

There are certain things that just seem to be funny and we are not quite sure why. One of those is when somebody dresses up in a dinosaur costume, and it may be rather cliché but we still might find it quite amusing. That is especially true when we see them trying to do every day normal tasks while wearing a dinosaur costume.


In this video, the person is dressed up as a T Rex and they are preparing to go outside to shovel snow in a blizzard. As they put their boots on, they can barely maintain their footing and balance. What really gets us laughing, however, is when the T Rex grabs a shovel and steps outside in the blizzard.

Although they may have been ready to shovel some snow, they didn’t account for the fact that they had an inflatable head on their costume. The wind caught it and really got the best of them for a while until they were able to get back inside again.