The Panic Of A Southern Mum During Snow Prep Is Captured Perfectly By This Comedian

There are many things that we might appreciate about winter but perhaps something that we would rather do without is all of the snow. I’ll agree, snow can be pretty when you are watching it from inside but once you have to go out and begin shoveling and taking care of the routine tasks, it can get old very quickly. For those of us who live in snowy weather, we understand all too well how bad it could be.


Sometimes, however, the snow goes further south and those people may not see it quite so often. That is when they tend to get into a panic, and it can be quite funny for those of us who have to deal with snow on a day in, day out basis. The comedian in this video is Darren Knight, and he is able to perfectly capture a southern mother freaking out about a coming snowstorm.

Obviously, this has done more than make a few people chuckle. It has gone viral, with over 11 million views and still growing. When you see how he captures the moment perfectly, you will love it as well.

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