Peter Sellers Shows His Comedic Genius In The Most Amazing Way

Like any talented comedian, Peter Sellers has played a number of hilarious roles over the years. Not only was he a part of a BBC radio comedy series, he also wrote some funny songs and eventually, he became known worldwide for the comedic genius that he was. He was able to do so, thanks to the Pink Panther films. They are some of the funniest films that have ever hit the big screen.


Peter Sellers part as inspector Clouseau never fails to make us laugh, regardless of how many times we’ve seen it. That becomes obvious in this scene, where a man is attacking Clouseau in his room. Of course, he wasn’t expecting him to fight back and when you see this scene unfold, you will have to be amazed at the talent that Sellers has. Not only is he funny, he is also talented with those nunchucks as well.

Although Peter Sellers has been gone for almost 15 years now, he certainly is a man that is missed. We always love it when people are able to make us laugh and he had that ability in great measure.