John Cleese Talks About Offensive Comedy And His Insights Are Hilarious

There have certainly been a lot of funny comedians over the years but perhaps one of the funniest that has ever come around is John Cleese. It seems as if his comedy has a rather brilliant edge, and it doesn’t matter if he is telling a joke or playing a part in a film, it is something that we love to watch.


Something that is interesting about comedy is the fact that at times, things can get rather offensive. In fact, that is the subject being discussed by John Cleese in this video clip. He talks about the possibility that offensiveness is directly related to something being funny, and that may be seen from one of his more famous films, A Fish Called Wanda.

They did a study that had people listing the most offensive scenes in the film, and they included scenes such as, John Cleese jumping around in his underwear and speaking Russian. They then turned it around and asked people to list the funniest scenes from the film and something amazing was recognised. As it turns out, the funniest scenes from the film were also the most offensive!