John Cleese Shows Us The Proper Way To Give A British Apology

There have been many funny people who have been able to make us laugh over the years but one that is at the lead of the list is John Cleese. It seems as if everything he gets involved in becomes popular, not only because he is so well-known but because of his comedic talent. It has been seen on the television as well as in the films.


This clip is one of the funniest from John Cleese, and it comes from a film called A Fish Called Wanda. Regardless of whether you have seen that film or not, you will appreciate the comedy behind the scene, in which somebody is demanding an apology from John Cleese. At first, he refuses to cooperate but after some additional encouragement, he decides to give an apology.

One of the reasons why this video is so funny is because of how calm and collected John Cleese is under pressure. It really shows that Brits know how to give a formal apology, and we could never imagine one being better than this.