Jeanne Robertson Knows Better Than To Mess With Teenage Hussies

There have been many comediennes that have graced the stage over the years but there are not many who can hold a candle to Jeanne Robertson. It seems that it doesn’t matter what she talks about, she has the ability to make us laugh. Of course, many times she talks about her family and her experiences in life but she does it in a way that just cracks us up.


In this clip, she is talking about how her son was always getting grounded and how he snuck out one night when he was supposed to be in bed sleeping. Rather than getting mad over the situation, she and her husband (left brain) decided to play a trick on him. It ended up working wonderfully but you are not going to believe what happened next.

If there is one thing that I appreciate about Jeanne Robertson, it’s the fact that she can make us laugh because she is genuinely funny. She doesn’t rely on shocking us with her language or talking about anything out of the ordinary. After all, life really is funny and when she talks about life, it’s a guaranteed laugh.