Harvey Korman Is In A Skit With Tim Conway And He Can’t Stop Laughing

Although there have been many comedy shows on the telly over the years, it would be hard to find one that was as funny as the Carol Burnett Show. It seemed that they found a way to make us laugh every week and it didn’t matter what the subject of the skit was, the found a way to make it work brilliantly.


Not only did the audience find the skits to be funny, even the actors found them quite humourous as well. That was especially true of the comedy team of Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. When they got together, they were unstoppable and in many cases, Harvey Korman found it quite difficult to keep a straight face. What many people didn’t know is that Tim Conway made it a goal to get him to laugh, and he often succeeded.

In this skit, we see the two of them together and Tim Conway is playing a fireman who is trying to save Korman’s life. The problem is, he is doing it in the funniest way possible and Korman just can’t contain his laughter.