Benny Hill Shows The Problem With Wearing Leather Pants

When most of us think of Benny Hill, we typically think about his unique style of comedy. On his television show, he certainly did make us laugh many times and he often did so in a rather inappropriate manner. Sometimes, however, he showed his humour in other ways and that was the case in this video clip, which you are going to love.


The majority of us would not consider Benny Hill to be somebody who makes a fashion statement but he makes quite a statement in this video. He is playing the part of an actor and when the camera starts rolling, he starts making a lot of noise because he is wearing leather pants. Anytime he moves, he makes that crunching noise and it is extremely distracting, not to mention hilarious.

Of course, we recognise that the problem was somewhat exaggerated but if you have ever worn leather, you realise that it can be an issue from time to time. Fortunately, we have this video to teach us a lesson and also to make us laugh. It may be from many years ago, but it is as funny today as it was back then.