Benny Hill Ends His Show In Classic Fashion, Music And All

When it comes to British comedians and actors, there are a few names that are going to stand out above the rest. One of those names is certain to be Benny Hill, and he is a man that we will not forget for a very long time. During his long running television show, which had an international audience, he caused us to laugh out loud on many occasions.


I’ll be the first one to admit that Benny Hill was sometimes inappropriate and in fact, he was inappropriate most of the time. That doesn’t mean that his form of slapstick comedy was not funny, and it is something that many of us remember from many years ago. After all, he was around for a very long time and sometimes, it is difficult to believe that he has been gone so long as well.

Although Benny Hill may be gone, he certainly is not forgotten. That will become apparent when you see this video. Yes, it is an oldie but it certainly is a goodie and it makes us laugh today just as much as it made us laugh back then.