11-Year-Old Surfing Prodigy From Australia Wows Ellen On Her Show

More than likely, you have seen a video of Sabre Norris in the past. She is an 11-year-old surfing prodigy and when she did a television interview after winning a competition, she actually shamed her father, who had at one time been an athlete but now was “pretty fat.” In this video, Sabre is on the Ellen DeGeneres show and she not only amazes the audience, she amazes Ellen as well.


She discusses how she won $500 of prize money in November and shared it with her siblings. The remainder of the money was to go all for doughnuts! In fact, it seems as if she couldn’t stop talking about food and considering the fact that she is about as physically fit as a person can get, it’s amazing that she loves junkfood so much. She even dreams about going to Las Vegas so that she can enjoy all of the buffets.

If there was ever a young child with personality, this little girl has got it. Regardless of whether she is talking about sharing with her siblings or about setting a record by eating two large pizzas and one slice, she is an amazing little girl.