These Scary Thrillers Have Just Gotten A Little More Tame Thanks To This Halloween Dance Video

We may all have different tastes as far as film types are concerned, but most of us appreciate it when a good film is playing. Some of us may like a comedy and others might enjoy a good mystery, but when it comes to being scared out of our wits, nothing is going to top a great thriller. We have certainly seen our fair share in the past decades, but now Ellen is taking all of them on in this unique mashup.

When you think about frightening film characters, you can think about almost anything, from the twins in Poltergeist to Freddy Krueger to Chucky. Of course, each of them is going to have their own unique flair, and they also have a unique way of taking care of their dirty business as well.

What if you were to see the most frightening film character possible in a scene that was perfectly innocent? That is what you are about to see in this mashup that is put on by Ellen. I don’t know whether to laugh or dance along.