People Just Don’t Dance Like They Used To. Check Out Jerry Lewis Dancing The Jitterbug

More than likely, you have heard somebody talk about the “good old days.” Perhaps you have even talked about them yourself. It seems as if things certainly do change over the course of time and in most cases, they don’t seem to change for the better. Sometimes, it is interesting to take a look back at older videos as if we were looking through time. What you see may surprise you.


This video is from a 1954 film that included Jerry Lewis, somebody that most of us know as a rather hilarious comedian. Although he is funny in many of the things that he does, he certainly is worthy of your attention for his dancing skills in this clip. It is from the film “Living It up” and he is doing a fantastic jitterbug.

We live in a world where dancing seems to have taken a dive in recent years. In fact, some of the newer dances are beyond unusual, but they seem to have entered the mainstream. When you see what Jerry Lewis was able to do back in 1954 with the jitterbug, you will recognise what true dancing talent is.