Little Girl Dances With Her Father In The Best Bat Mitzvah Routine Of All Time

One of the days that many young Jewish girls will remember for the rest of their life is the Bat Mitzvah, A Hebrew phrase that is translated as “Daughter of commandment.” According to Jewish law, a girl becomes a bat mitzvah when she reaches the age of 12. Prior to that time, the parents of the girl hold the responsibility for her actions. On that day, a party is typically held and it is a special day, indeed.

There are many traditions that go along with the bat mitzvah party, one of which is the dance that is shared between a father and daughter. Typically, it is a slow dance but when Jessica and her father took to the floor, the audience was in for quite a surprise. The dance may have started out slow but suddenly, the beat switched and they put on a performance that will not be forgotten for a very long time.

Following tradition is important for many families, but sometimes, you need to kick things up a notch. It helps to make the celebration even better and provides the guests with a day that they will treasure.