James Cordon And Kate Hudson Dance To A Child’s Choreography

If there is one thing that most of us appreciate about late-night chat shows, it’s the fact that they can be quite diverse. Not only do they provide you with the opportunity to see celebrities up close and personal, there are also typically some amusing skits that go along with the show as well. At times, those skits may even be the highlight of the evening.

Although there are many late-night chat shows to choose from, James Cordon has the one that many of us appreciate the most. He is absolutely fantastic with his guests, and we certainly do love the carpool karaoke skit. When we saw this funny comedy skit of Kate Hudson and James Cordon dancing to a child’s choreography, however, we realised that it was the best thing ever.

This is more than just an amusing clip. It is something that is taking the Internet by storm and people around the world are falling in love with this adorable child. When watching it, you also see that Cordon is falling in love with the child as well. Try to watch it and not smile, it’s impossible.